By Ann Greazel

This book rocks reality. This is not a woman blowing smoke and writing blank words. If only I’d found this book after the second decade of my life, instead of the start of the fifth.

This book gives you that energy for your life – the same energy that comes from shooting pool and listening to your favorite pump-up jam before the swim meet of your life! Where you can wake up and say, I have the best hubby ever, stellar kiddos and family, happy dogs, the best Boss of the house, a cat and I’m going to create something great today! (Yes, I have a cat named, Boss).

Why do we have to get to ‘age over the hill’ before realizing that what other people think shouldn’t be your top energy sucker of the decade? And that we have to take care of ourselves first, before we can really be there for others? Of course, exuding a good vibe and positive shoulder to lean on, is right up there with Ben and Jerry’s new flavor of ice cream when you didn’t think they could land it again, but good grief, how do they do it!? Get real. You can’t be that person if you don’t take care of yourself first. And Ben and Jerry can’t make the next best flavor without taking care of themselves first, too! BTW, thank you, Ben and Jerry and you’re welcome.

This book is worth the read. I don’t like giving star ratings, so I’ll say this: If you are wondering if it’s worth checking it out at the library, yes! (BTW those buildings with stacks of books to read for free, actually exist and the environment is way more chill than my childhood versions) and if you are thinking about adding it to your Amazon cart, yes, it’s worth it. I’m going to go on a limb and say that you will enjoy it, get something out of it and most likely recommend it to someone else.

Girl, Stop Apologizing cover
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