jesus falls carrying the cross

By Ann Greazel

How honored it is to be able to be saved and walk the stations with you, Jesus. My heart is a mess of tears. Both of sadness and joy of your mercy. How many times that I myself, have wandered away so far as to feel and participate in actions that are like Judas and give you up to the cross of which you are willingly walking for the sake of my mistakes.

To make such a tremendous decision as to ever forget your love and kindness and forgiveness toward me; that I do not take the opportunity to bestow the love and care of your Mercy, in the way, we as your creation can reveal to one another, and remind one another through acts of mercy.

The weight of our hurt and choices that you have experienced from us was so much, that you, our son of God, fell on the ground to be crushed by the cross that you bear for us. Your love is beyond comprehension. It is through your love that I choose to be chosen and to get up and accept your forgiveness. For if I do not, I am also walking away from you.

An acorn just dropped on the base of the station, echoing a nail that you are about to experience piercing your flesh.

The pain that I feel for you and lowliness is overwhelming to take on physically at the moment. My life is yours. I vow to do my best to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin. And to follow your call, stop to listen to you during my days, and long to see you face to face.

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