By Ann Greazel

Jesus, with great strength, you pick up your cross. As the crown of thorns and lashings deepen with the weight of the cross, you willingly lift the burden onto your shoulders. You carry the weight of the people who condemned you, even. Your face is your human form. Yet it is a pure reflection of our Lord in heaven, your Father (and because of you, ours). 

The road and path that you carry the cross is rocky, uneven and rough terrain. The sandals on your feet are wearing thin and yet you show us, (your people), that you are willingly carrying the heavy cross in which your body will be nailed.


How can we complain of earthly things that bring us our own unwilling consequences or fate and still believe in you who carried the cross to your most undeserved death for us. 

Conflicts in our lives are small compared to the love that you bear for us and the many gifts of your passion and teachings that you strived so patiently to pass on from the Lord.


Please help me Lord to see the conflicts, outcomes, struggles and consequences of my life less blindly and more clearly through your eyes. To be there with compassion, empathy, mercy and forgiveness of others for all things including those things of this planet larger than I can comprehend that destroy the good of all.


Please help me to show that behaving in your light exudes the good of all. Please walk with me and that I recognize you, your calls for me, and welcome you into my life in all ways that you wish to appear to me. I love you.


Please have Mercy on my soul because of the love that you have for me and for all of your people. And that the peace you bring to us is recognized in all people, and that we use our free will only for good, peace, forgiveness and love. Amen.

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