Who are some inspiring Catholic music artists?

In a recent quest to learn about popular Catholic musicians, for a church event, I discovered some amazing talent! And decided to create a post to share with you!

Some of these folks are new and just hitting the music scene (over the past while – and growing attention). I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the diversity of musical style that exists in these expressive and beautiful Catholic artists.

It was difficult to choose who to include in this list because what I found is amazing! And many of the songs were new to me, except for Matt Maher, of course! Each one has a unique mission and drive for their lyrics and tempo. The seven that I chose were because the first time that I ever heard them sing a note, I enjoyed it and wanted to hear more! Perhaps more music posts are in our future!

So, without further ado, take a look below to discover some inspirational tunes from some spiritual artists!

Connor Flanagan

Have a blessed day! Thank you for checking out this post! For more faithful inspiration, check out the virtual rosary, podcast and daily readings!

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