Station 9: Jesus falls a third time

By Ann Greazel

Jesus carried His cross through the market. I can feel Mary interceding now. She is saying: My child, I am here. You are called to share your reflections of my son, Jesus Christ and savior of us all. The road will not be easy. The challenges will be trying and difficult. You are on the road with me. Let me help to guide you, child. Turn to me, the Queen of Heaven to lead you to my most Holy son and God the Father. It is through the Holy Spirit that you can imagine me sitting on the stone with you and living among you. Ask the Holy Spirit to be ever present in our journey together. We have lots to do, child, lots to give, lots to teach, lots to share, and we must value His reason for death and with mercy, through His name, we shall be entwined as Mother and daughter. Look to your own Mother for her earthly love to pass on to your children. Be the light, love and sacrifice that the World so desperately needs. We need to be one in living through consuming his body and blood. Let the experience of Christ entering inside of you do what it is meant to do, He is living proof of holiness, beauty and purification of our souls. These words are meant for you, my child. We are always here with you and love you.

Mary, I can feel your presence now. Thank you for revealing yourself to me through my human being and perhaps my own inflections. I pray that how I perceive your voice is accurate and we find even more ways to connect, that I become more open to visions and seeing you one day.

Something that occurred to me at this station is the brutality of the guards who lash Jesus. One holds the arm of Jesus, who is on the ground. Pressing, deep into his wrist with evil intention. If we are all created equal by God and people who have turned away from Him, who hurt Jesus … are they not able to feel the wrongness? How extreme evil does their spirit have to be to not feel their sins? Feel the magnitude of their evil actions? 

Where have I become numb to wrongness? Where has our culture blinded me of the places in my life I no longer recognize the harm? The thought scares me, to the core. There is no one to blame but myself. And I put my faith in God and ask Mary to help me tell Jesus of this fear and show me through the Holy Spirit new realizations that I am meant to become aware, Amen.

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