Station 8: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

By Ann Greazel

The children witnessing Jesus’ execution and carrying of the cross is a new realization for me to ponder in my heart. Jesus says to save your tears for your children to grow up in a World without leaders of Mercy.

Jesus, you are walking to your death and you are concerned more for us than for yourself and the pain that you unimaginably felt throughout your mind, body, and spirit and entire being to be able to still respond to people, to us in a way that you care for us and for the challenges we must face.

One time in my life another of your creation resembled this kind of love to me. My Father. As the days approached a major surgery where it was known that his heart would stop at one moment during the procedure. My heart was a mess. I wanted my Dad to know how much I love him and I, like the women of Jerusalem, were sad and worried for him. 

My Father was more concerned about us. He wanted us to know that he would be okay. And he, despite the unspoken concern he may have had for himself, wanted us to feel a taste of what it meant to have faith. And wholeheartedly trust in God’s will as he does. While responding in a way of calmness and bravery for us. 

Lord, how can I lead with mercy? How can I fully accept your mercy for us? Please bring me to more closely and deeply recognize more quickly where I can show mercy to others in all things, all hurt, Amen.

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