Station 7: Jesus falls the second time

By Ann Greazel

Jesus, you fell to hear words of hatred. You had perhaps the willingness of people to bring you a drink or help you – but how much along your journey did you see that? I can’t help but think that if we the people all reacted to help you, that maybe you would have been able to teach us longer than your 33 years on Earth. Through your dying words you saved us. You fell because of our sins, our shortcomings and lack of acceptance for our real purpose and use of talents for the good of all.

You had the weight of the cross tople on your limbs and you lay on the ground. You reacted with rigor and strength to carry the cross. You reacted to continue with your own death march for us. How, Lord? How can you react this way for us and when those in our lives hurt us in small ways, that we show weakness and lack of control for our reactions?

Mother, Mary, how did you react in a way of loving so dearly for all of us by refraining from asking the Lord, Jesus Christ to save himself? He could have heard those words from His Mother, his Mom. Son, you are more precious than those who harm you. Save yourself. Continue to teach them instead of dying on a cross, my love. How did you know so clearly that we needed saving this way to see Jesus in heaven?

The agony of walking past the spot Jesus, your son fell over and over. You are love and you have made the journey of our Lord’s passion remain something that we can feel, generations later. Please continue to help us keep the passion in the front of our mind and those of all future generations until our Lord comes again, Amen.

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