Station 6: Veronica wipes Jesus' face

By Ann Greazel

Your face appears on Veronica’s cloth. She asks “Jesus will you permit me?” Where in my life do I stop to help others even in the small things?  How much do I miss? What do I miss right in front of me? Your sign of leaving the mark of your face on Veronica’s cloth makes me hopeful and happy for Veronica to know of your gratefulness of her kindness. I know that you love me Lord. And that my life is not all that it should be. 

I pray that you reveal yourself to me in the ways that you see fit for your servant. I have seen you within my life. And pray that you keep me far from the devil and his temptations. That I may be more like Veronica and put more faith in you rather than my own goals or misconceptions that pop up in my mind. Please help me to listen to my heart, take time for you and always have a love of continuing to do better. 

Please change my way of thinking where it ought to be different and know that I trust you. I stumble, but you are my light. My lamp unto my feet, my path to salvation. Thank you for accepting small acts of kindness in the valley of tears, the pain and death march that you are taking. To accept such a gesture without resentment is a lesson to prioritize people’s intent. Good intent shall be appreciated. Please keep us conscious of your passion and recognize when you carry us.

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