Station 4: Jesus Meets His Mother Mary

By Ann Greazel

Mary, you were a widow on the walk to your son’s death. You gave your only son to us, His creation of our Lord. You sacrificed everything and were going to have to fend for yourself and walk your journey of life with the visions of your son’s brutal and painful death before leaving the Earth, yourself. 

Upon finally pushing through the crowd to your boy, Jesus, you did not ask Him to save himself, and could see the binding love He has for you, and even those who were killing Him. How do you stand and reach for Him, physically upon that amount of grief. Upon hearing His voice to take John as your son. 

Please, Jesus help me to learn more about you and your life within me to love unconditionally. We are all family, all brothers and sisters, not just by blood. 

Mary, please show yourself to me and guide me. I need you Holy Mother. I need you and want to know you.

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