Station 10

Station 10: Jesus is stripped of his garments

By Ann Greazel

Jesus is stripped of his clothing. Jesus is human and I am not sure if He is proud to have been made flesh or honored or both. What conversations must He have had with God to enter into such humbleness throughout his death walk to the cross? 

And to be stripped of everything in the human side of life usually means the loss of dignity – truly everything. Jesus is not hiding anything. He is our Lord and teaching us in this moment to forever own who we are, our shortcomings, struggles, difficulty, challenges and even shame. With Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit we may know what it means to be a humble servant and witness the grace of others through our trials.

We are not put on the Earth along. Jesus is with us. And in the smallest beautiful experience of the presence of others. I have learned that it is my confidence to remain quiet, that I may be able to lead through a humbleness and recognition of the presence of others by showing that I recognize them. 

Jesus, you kept steady with dignity and grace and humbleness through being stripped of everything. Please help me to remember you during the times of my life when I feel stripped of the presence of others through their sufferings or my own. Please teach us how to ask the Holy Spirit to be part of these moments and guide us, Amen.

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